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This is the way the comic was promoted with the fake You Tube video.

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Its not enough for Johnson to defend Millar on his own blog, now he has to do it here too. Must be a full time job for you, checking all the forums for people criticizing Mark. I have learned to watch the movie, not the box-office. How many people commenting on it have actually seen it? ALL of America was confused by that one, not just the heartland.

Kick-Ass the comic was amazing and the movie was just as good. Back here in Denmark it is ages 15 and up, so more younger people are able to see it. Also most reviewers give the movie 5 out of 6 stars. Neither is enamored of superhero books. They both liked it, suggested we go see it for my first time.

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Small mall theater in our mostly Latino neighborhood. Maybe 6 other people in the theater Internet buzz means nothing in Berwyn, IL. Everyone loved it, and it was obviously not a superhero crowd. I thought it was sly and entertaining. I think this movie will hold up unusually well with time. I had three hours to fill between the end of work and a zoning hearing on Monday. I was one of 6 people who saw a 5pm showing. I thought it was funny.

I laughed more than I did at The Hangover. I never read the book unlike Watchmen which was a film I did not enjoy. You mentioned Rich Johnson.

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In that comedy which, like Kick-Ass, falls into that gray is-it-for-kids-or-for-adults territory , an equally young character, Ronnie, swears a hundred times more, and bluer, than Hit Girl does. Thompson—is a young black boy, not a pristine little white girl? People who routinely use expletives seem ill-bred or foolish. People have also reacted to the obvious attempts at manipulation. If a three-year old is taught to say expletives, that would be funny for — five minutes?

There are differences between a film that tests limits while making a statement and one that tests limits just to test limits. That seems somewhat silly. Maybe more people would think of Kick-Ass as less of a failure if Hit-Girl wore a yellow track suit.

The first two weekends are important, and Lionsgate recognized that :. No self-respecting studio does that anymore. Sounds like everybody is going to wait for DVD. I never said it was, Alan. That IS how they all begin, though. Or just ignored it. There are others, as well, but the kid in Role Models is up there as the top example.

Looks like Kick Ass is going to come up short after all. Another thing to consider is the heightend security for opening weekend. And security will be back next week, but they will be very focuses on a completely different movie—Nightmare on Elm Street remake—which would make it even easier to sneak into Kick Ass. Oh well…. Yes they do! It IS part of the opening weekend numbers, after all. So the first weekend is a good indicator of where a movie will end up. It is only about marketing aka bragging rights.

Hype, spin, anti-spin, gotcha, and faux-empathy. Nowhere in your original post did you say it started out as words on a page. But of course I knew that. Alan Coil has apparently never seen a movie with a potty-mouthed child actor. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I re-read my original post. Personally, I think it was naive to believe Kiss Ass would do well. The market place for modern comics has been in serious decline for a long time.

They may be putting out crap but they have uncovered new and inventive albeit destructive means to make money in a declining market by manipulating price and production to compensate for the loss in readership. The reason for the decline is because modern comics have become a caricature of themselves. All the over the top violence, unending deaths and just silly, nonsensical stories is turning current readers away.

Legally, a child has no right to choose to say those words, whether in real liufe or on film. Her parents allowed her to say them, thus they are responsible.

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When do the Profanity Police go clean up the schools? I saw the ads, no interest in seeing it. And it still just fell behind a movie with a broader potential audience and more theaters behind it. But seriously, if you look at it in terms of take vs. I went to see Kick-Ass on Thursday and even though I really disliked the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

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Perhaps it just has a better cost:entertainment ratio? Whatever I thought it was funny and exciting. But the interesting thing was that I went with a group of friends, of whom I was the only comic book fan.

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I was actually surprised, they were all so enthusiastic. Most people who actually see it seem to like it. I agree with everything you said. It was quite obvious that both the KICK-ASS movie and comic were trying way to hard to be both controversial and shocking based on the title alone.

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With a less offensive title, the movie could have been advertised in more markets. With all due respect, are you suggesting that people can only talk about a movie if they paid to see it? Movie trailers provide audiences a sample of that product and comics based on comic movies also give people an idea of what the movie is about. Perhaps people who sampled the comic and saw the In Your Face advertising either was turned off or simply not interested.

Kind of like the guys in comics do. Hearing what people have to say, whether they paid to see the movie or not provides you with a greater understanding of why people did or did not buy into whatever you are selling.

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But to do that, you have to first be open to listening to your prospective consumer. Millar and Romita Jr. This past weekend was a bad weekend for movies in general. It seems that April has joined January as the new dumping ground for lackluster movies. Movies with not enough buzz worthy of a Summer schedule, but necessary to fill theaters and DVD shelves. Yes, I have not seen a new movie since Avatar. I have not analyzed box office, Rotten Tomatoes, and other data. This is just an empirical hypothesis. Do you suggest that all kids be taught to use foul words?

What next, drinking? Should we give year-olds beer and wine? When a child becomes an adult, they can do whatever they want, but there are limitations that should be in place before that. I said it all the way back to the first Spiderman coming out. Top that off with the increased ticket price too.

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A Seth Rogan Green Hornet is not going to be anything record breaking either and people should know it. So now this ends up leading into Iron Man 2 which will be huge in numbers.